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Q. Does the TAB bra have to fit this firm around the midriff?
A. Yes, it should be fitting firmly enough around the midriff that there is no movement that results in the back of the bra moving up the back or the front of the bra coming up when you raise your hands above your head. If you have these symptoms of movement, you have been fitted too loosely and you will find the bra uncomfortable. The secret to the comfort of the bra is that it is fitted firmly around the midriff so there is no longer any movement and therefore no rubbing and irritation!

Q. I find I am quite "perky" looking in this TAB Bra. Am I in the position in the correct place?
Yes, the apex of your breast should be one- half the way between your shoulder and your eelbow. When you are positioned here then propr circulation, lymphatic drainage, posutring and breathing can happen. Your new look will take about 6 weeks for you to adjust to and then any other position will look abnormal! Please be patient and get used to your new healthy and youthful look!

Q. The TAB bra is rolling under in the front and is uncomfortable.
This is caused by one of two things: The bra is fitted too loosely and is riding up in the back and rolling under in the front or the bra straps have been loosened so the bra is hanging down off the shoulders instead of being pulled up and the weight being shifted back off the shoulders. So check the tightness of the fit or the tension of the straps to fit this position.

Q. I am getting some wrinkling in the cup.
This indicates that the TAB Bra was fitted too large or the sraps were lowered and this will cause the fit in the bra cups to shift and leave wrinkles.

Q. I find that I get very fatigued in my shoulders or my back and rib area when I wear the bra
Again, this is a good sign!! You are in training and your body is getting fatigued from the posture realignment that is happening as you wear the TAB bra. When you start to experience fatigue, you should just take the TAB bra off and switch to another bra to give your body a break. If you regularly continue to wear the TAB bra as long as you are able each day, you will start to experience a shift in your posture and a gradual relief of shoulder and back pain.

Q. Do I have to redirect and manipulate my breast tisue through the triangular holders in the TAB each time I wear it?
Absolutely! When you take a moment to make sure that all the tissure is forward and pulled in from under the arm you are retraining this "wayward" tissue to come back to where it was meant to be and this will increase circulation, drainage and best of all will reshape your breasts over time. Be diligent each day and your diligence will pay off!

Q. I find that I breathe differently when I have TAB bra on?
Yes, many women experience a totally different way of breathing when they have the TAB bra on and some even experience a bit of light headiness. The bra lifts the weight of the breasts off the diaphragm and allows for a better airflow and the straps help to pull the shoulders back and open up the chest area to allow a freer airflow as well.

Q. Does the TAB bra work well as a sports bra?
Absolutely! It is one of the best sports bras available on the market. It has no "bounce" factor due to the fact that the TAB bra is made without any elastic in the bra or the straps and is fitted firmly to the body. It also helps to open up our breathing capacity and therefore helps in all of our physical training and activities.

Q. Could the TAB Bra be used as a maternity bra?
YES! The TAB bra does not have elastic in the bra, so it can not be as flexible as a lycra bra for the beginning stage of breast feeding, but as everything settles the TAB bra offers the best support for a nursing mother an also promotes the best circulation possible!

Q. Would the TAB bra work well for a mastectomy client?
The TAB bra is very comfortable for mastectomy clients. The prosthetic can be inserted easily into the triangular holder part of the bra and because there is no elastic in the bra or the straps, the weight of the prosthetic does not stretch out the bra and the straps. This greatly helps to keep the clients posture correct and eliminates much of the shifting of the prosthetic in the bra as the client is wearing the bra.

Q. What is the best way to care for my TAB bra?
To guarantee the best wear and long life from the TAB bra, you should hand wash the bra in a basin with warm water and a very soft liquid cleaner (ie. Forever New or Zero), roll it up in a towel to remove the excess water from the bra and then hang the bra with the shelfing exposed to the air for most rapid drying.

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This weekend was a bit of a revelation for me. My Mom has had two back surgeries and usually is pale and VERY sore on her arrival to Victoria from Abbotsford. The long drive and ferry ride has always been hard on her and usually she lasts one night and goes home again to recover.

This weekend she was NOT that woman. This weekend I never saw her look tired or sore. She chased my three year old son around the house and was happy and bubbly. They stayed over Friday night AND Saturday night which hasn't happened in a long time.

And it is all due to a bra. Ever since she was fitted with her Tab bra, she no longer has lower back pain and her energy levels are through the roof. She is amazed at how much of a difference it has made in her daily life. The least bit of extra effort on something would cause her pain and discomfort. Now she can do as much as she could before her back problems began.

Pretty amazing how something so simple can change a life so drastically.

Marnie J, BC

What a pleasant, informative evening! Sharon and Gail kept us all in stitches with healthy laughter and vital information about our health - information I had never been made aware of before.

The comment from my friends, after I had put on the bra for the first time, was: "You look like you've lost 10 pounds. And you're standing straighter." That was what had caught my attention when I first saw the brochure -
the slouching figure- and I knew I'd had a posture issue for a long time!

The next day when my husband saw me, his comment was that my posture had improved. And it was constant through the day-not just when I knew that I needed to "stand tall".

There was another thing I noticed the first day wearing the bra: a change in my breathing. I had not been walking much in the last 3 months, because of a chronic cough/cold. We walked to the grocery store -about a mile return; it was a brisk walk but there was no shortness of breath!

At the end of the day, with an ordinary bra, there was always moisture under my breasts. With this bra, there was no moisture. I was completely dry. Amazing!

I am so excited about this bra! I think every woman-for her own health's sake-should make an effort to have at least one. If, in one day, there's that much difference-what a difference it will make for overall health and well being!

Janet G, BC

At period time my breasts would feel sore and swollen. Ever since i’ve had my TAB bra, these painful symptoms have disappeared!

Marilyn H., BC

I started wearing the tab bra when I was 3 months pregnant, I wore it day and night.  Since then my new born daughter is two months old, and my breast tissue is toned and firm.  I have had no strength marks, no pain and no sagging or drooping. Thank you Tab bra!!!

Denai L., BC

Hi Gals, Trust me this will be one of the best referrals you will ever have! 

If you think you have a good bra that fits - you probably don't!  Most commercial bras are causing women to have cystic breasts, back pain, bad posture, shoulder pain to list a few.  These are amazing bras, I cannot believe the difference in my life, better posture and less back pain and the girls are sitting where they should sit. If these clinics don't work for you just call Ingrid and she'll work out an arrangement that works. If you know any women that have had a mastectomy they help these woman get a proper fit and shape.

Renee, BC

Thank you Grace for taking the time to meet with me last Monday in Niagara Falls. 

Both bras arrived on Friday in time for me to wear one at my son's wedding.  It made the dress (& me!) look terrific.  I wore the black one and it's the most comfortable bra I've ever worn!!! 

The wedding was perfect and again, thank you for adding to my enjoyment of it all.

Rachel M, ON

Ever since my early fifties, as the weight crept up I have had difficulty finding a comfortable bra.  When I saw the ad in the paper I decided to go for a fitting.  I would not have believed that I could find such a comfortable bra -- I wore it 4 hours the first day, and all day the second day.  It is so great to have the support without the weight on the shoulders, and in face, I almost feel as if I could sleep in it!

A very happy customer,

Esther L., BC

Hi Sandra and Happy New Year! I bought a bra from you on November 30 at Mark's Work Warehouse on 4th Avenue in Vancouver and am now wanting to order another in black. The bra is wonderful and I've thrown away most of my old ones!

 Janice S., BC

Just a quick note to let you know how much I am enjoying my new bra.

At first I was leery about the looks but quickly found that I could fit into my button blouses much better wearing my Tab Bra. I find it so comfortable that I actually "wear" it instead of rushing home to remove my bra.

Brenda D., BC

I just wanted to let you know that I am so happy you introduced me to the Tab Bra....Boy do I love it.

Like I told you when I first but it on I felt PROUD...Well sounds funny, but it really lifted my breasts and surprise, my midriff looked much better too. It has somewhat changed my life, because now my T-Shirts look better on me and I don't wear the same old things. I should mention that because my posture is so much better, I don't hunch and stand straighter. I have been wearing it for 2 months now and washed it many times.  It looks as good as the day I bought it.
Thanks again for your personal attention and time you spent explaining how a bra should are the BEST.

Bev C., BC

I am still wearing both of mine as they do offer a lot more support.  As well as the fact that for years I had tenderness in my left axillary area.  After wearing the bra for about three months, I noticed that the tenderness had subsided.  I mentioned it to one of my friends (Linda) and she noted that the tenderness in her right axillary area was gone also.

Lorraine B., ON

I am writing this emil in regard to a pink bra I bought from you in Quesnel at Suzannes in June for my 14 yr old. 

Wow, what seemed like such an expensive purchase at the time turned into a priceless gift.  I didn't realize at the time how it would forever change our lives.  My daughter is a 28EE.  She is fitting a 30EE. For the first time in her young life she loves trying on clothes. Actually tried on a summer dress!  Unbelievable.

I believe that at a young age, if I had met someone like you and had a proper bra fitting, I would have never gained the weight I have and know that my weight and low-self esteem led me to get a breast reduction.

I owe you for a summer of teenage self-esteem.

Lori G., BC - a happy mom :)

I just had to share that I was fitted into this amazing bra. I was measured and fit into the correct bra size and feel nipped and tucked into place without being squished into place. Its design reduces the strain in my back, neck, and shoulders I feel during my workouts not to mention better posture.

Seanna, BC

To the Designer and Owner of "TAB" Bra,

I have now had my amazing bra for about five months and all the pain from my lymph area is totally gone.
I would recommend your bras to all women for the health benefit alone.  They are truly a great invention!

Barbara M., BC

After having gone to multiple specialty shops, department stores and buying many "felt good at the time" bras, only to find they fit terribly or the underwire was starting to break/poke out within a short time period, I came across the Tab Bra Ad in a health magazine.  It sounded too good to be true.  I contacted Shirley at Natural Health Path, went for a fitting and 4 months later, I have  two Tab Bras as I would not want to wear any other brand.  They are the most comfortable bras I've ever worn, with no riding, bunching, slipping, pinching, rubbing, irritation or shoulder bleeding.
After I put it on, I don't even feel it there and I forget I have it on during the day.  I have wide strong shoulders and a smaller bust than is normal for my chest girth.  It is so nice to finally not have to push my bra strap up every half hour or so when out in public.  And now I have no self consciousness or embarrassment about my bra or bust!

Erin, BC

Feel free to use my email as a testimonial for TAB bras.  Anyone who has a problem similar to mine will be delighted by the results.  Besides, I think that anything that promotes such efficient lymphatic drainage must be excellent for overall breast health. Thanks.

Susan, BC


Need help getting the Perfect Fit? Check out our guide above for some tips!


STEP 1: Placing the Tab Bra and Attaching the Hooks:

  1. With the straps loosened, put the bra on "backwards" like you would a belt, fastening the hooks of the middle row of eyes. Then spin the bra 180 degrees, and lift the bra upwards until the shelf slides to a natural stop against the breast tissue.

  2. Note: Some women prefer to hitch the hooks behind their back then lift the bra to fit under their bust.


STEP 2: Positioning the Bra:

  1. Put your arms through the straps.

  2. Grip the bra under the arm with the thumb and index finger and lift until the shelf comes to a natural stop against your breast tissue. The other hand should hold the side tissue underneath while lifting.

  3. Repeat this process for the other side.


STEP 3: Adjusting the Shoulder Straps:

  1. Adjust the shoulder straps by sliding the straps until they come to a natural stop and are gently lifting the bust and the shelf.

  2. Grip the bra under the arm with the thumb and index finger and lift until the shelf comes to a natural stop against your breast tissue. The other hand should hold the side tissue underneath while lifting.


STEP 4: Positioning the Tissue:

  1. Unhook each cup cover from it's support strap


STEP 5: Positioning the Tissue part 2:

  1. Using the palm of your hand, raise the tissue up from the ribcage, and move the tissue forward from under your arm, placing it above and in front of the shelf (See Step 4b).

  2. The shelf support will direct and hold the tissue sufficiently if it has been properly sized. Do not let the tissue "spill over the shelf", or bulge out the sides.

  3. Pull the cup cover back up and over the breast, and hook it onto the fastener.



STEP 5: Final Adjustments:

  1. Pull the bottom of the bra down around the torso, to ensure it is low in the back, and under the shoulder blades.

  2. Snuggle the front of the bra upwards to where it comes to a natural stop.